Using PR-Tracker RunReport

Opening a Report:

Any report in Reports menu can be opened from one of the two options:

  1. From PR-Tracker Application:
    1. From Reports menu, select any report in Reports menu,Transaction log for example.
    2. View Report dialog will appear with the results of your current project report.
  2. From Command Line Argument: (see RunReport command line arguments)

In addition, if you want to view the same report but with a different project or different query, or different period of time, perform the following steps:

  1. To change the project, select one project from the Project combo box list.
  2. To change the query, select one query from the Query combo box list.
  3. To change the start date or end date period for Transaction Log report or Daily Transaction Summary report or Daily Transaction Summary by priority report, select startdate/enddate text box and enter the date. It is recommended that you should enter the date in this format dd-mmm-yyyy)
  4. For Transaction Log report, you can view a specific transaction that was performed by a specific user on a specific problem report. To do that, select the transaction type from the Transactions combo box list, the user you wish to view from the User combo box list, and Number text box to enter the problem number.
  5. Select Refresh button after you have made your changes.

Exporting the report

Furthermore, PR-Tracker also allows to export reports to different formats such as HTML, TXT, XLS, or RTF type. To do that, perform the following steps:
  1. From View Report dialog, select Export button
  2. From Save as type combo box, select the type you wish to export the report to. Then type the report name in the File name text box
  3. Click Save button to finish.

Printing the report

  1. From View Report dialog, select Print button
  2. In Print dialog, you can also change the printer name, orientation of your report's output such as Portrait or Landscape, etc.,.
  3. Click OK after you have made changes.

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