Resolving Problem Reports

To resolve a problem:

  1. First select the problem you want to resolve from the Problem List.
  2. From Edit menu, select Resolve.
  3. The problem report data form will appear with the cursor positioned on the Actual Hours field for the resolution task.
  4. Enter the number of hours the resolution required. Tab to the next field. If you want to change the estimated amount of time required for verification, do it. Tab to the next field.
  5. Your cursor will appear in the Problem Description Window scroll down to the resolution description section and describe what you did to resolve the problem. This may include a list of the modules that changed and what revisions the changes were completed in. You should also specify what system version in which changes were incorporated so that the person verifying the software checks a version that has the changes.
  6. When you are satisfied with all your entries, save them in the database using Save button. Depending on the project workflow configuration, PR-Tracker may ask you if you want to close the problem report in addition to resolving it. If you want to close the problem report, select Yes; if you want to verify and close the problem report with a separate transaction, select No.
For more information on setting up the workflow configuration see the section on Workflow Setup.

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