Using Reports

The Reports function allows you to view various useful reports. The various report options are as follows:

Selecting a report
  1. From the Reports menu, select Your Report Name.
  2. The View Report dialog appears with the results of your report.
  3. After View Report dialog is completedly displayed on the screen, you can manipulate the results such as changing to a different query, project, etc. (see Using PR-Tracker RunReport)
Managing your reports
Adding a report
Before doing the following steps, you should create new reports using Crystal Reports, save them as .rpt files, then store them in the directory where PRTRACKER.KEY file is stored.
  1. From Reports menu, select Manage Reports menu
  2. When Manage Reports dialog appears, click Add Report button.
  3. When Add Report dialog appears, select one of the available reports in the list.
  4. Click Add button to get back and close Manage Reports dialog
  5. The new report is added into the Reports menu list.

Importance Notice: When making a report using Crystal Report, please pay attention to the following information:

  1. Only include 4 tables Problem Reports, StatusLookup, Users and Transactions when adding database to the report
  2. If you include more than one of the same table into the report, make sure the original name of these tables are included in the alias name (for example, Transactions_1, etc.)
Deleting a report
  1. From Reports menu, select Manage Reports menu
  2. When Manage Reports dialog appears, select the report you want to delete.
  3. Click Delete button
  4. The deleted report is removed from the list and also from Reports menu list after you close the Manage Reports dialog.
Arranging report items in Reports menu
  1. Select Manage Reports in Reports menu.
  2. A Manage Reports dialog box will appear.
  3. Select a report item you want to rearrange the order from the Reports menu items in the list box.
  4. Choose Move Report Up or Move Report Down button.
  5. Choose Close button when you finish.

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