Creating a New Problem Report

To enter a new problem report:

  1. From Edit menu, select New or from Toolbar, select New Problem Report button. A problem report form will appear on the screen.
  2. When the problem data form first appears on the screen the cursor will be positioned in the Title field. Type a brief description of the problem in this field. When you are done, tab to the next field. If you want to go back to the title field, press Shift+Tab or mouse click the title field with the mouse.
  3. Your name should be automatically entered in the Originator field, tab pass it unless you want to change it.
  4. When you tab to the Priority field it will be automatically filled in with the first choice. Select the key to view the priority choices. When you have made your selection, tab to the next field.
  5. The Status field has automatically filled in with a new status, this box will be grayed.
  6. Depending on how many custom fields you have enabled for new transaction, enter the value for those fields. Tab to the next field until you finish.
  7. Next, enter a brief description of the problem in the Problem Description Window. Some data may automatically be entered depending on the template setup for that stage.
  8. When you have finished making your selection select Save button and you will be returned to the Problem List.

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