Moving the Database (version 5.0 or earlier)

If you want to move the PR-Tracker database, you must move the whole database directory structure. The top-level directory contains the PRTRACKER.KEY file. It also contains one directory for each project. All files must be moved together.

After you move the database, each workstation using PR-Tracker must know how to find the new database. PR-Tracker uses the database_home variable in the PRTRACKER.INI file to find the database. You can automate the update of the PRTRACKER.INI files for all workstations by creating a MOVE.TXT file in the directory that used to contain the PRTRACKER.KEY file. The first line of the MOVE.TXT file must specify the new location for the PR-Tracker database as a Universal Path Name such as \\Server2\PR-Tracker Database. When PR-Tracker is started and does not find the PRTRACKER.KEY file in the location specified by the database_home variable, it will look for the MOVE.TXT file, read it, and determine the new value for database_home.

MOVE.TXT may contain more information on subsequent lines but it will be ignored by PR-Tracker.

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