Moving the Database

If you want to move the PR-Tracker database, you must move the whole database directory structure. The top-level directory is probably name PRTRACKERDB contains the PRTRACKER.KEY file. It also contains one directory for each project. All files must be moved together.

After you move the database, each workstation using PR-Tracker must know how to find the new database. You can automatically notify each PR-Tracker client of the new location of PR-Tracker by creating a MOVE.TXT file and placing it in the folder where PRTRACKER.KEY used to be located. However, since PR-Tracker may connect to the database in file-server mode or client-server mode, MOVE.TXT must be edited to suit your particular situation. Below are instructions for moving the database for various cases.

Case 1: PR-Tracker clients connect in file-server mode.

Add the text database_home=\\servername\sharename to the MOVE.TXT file, replacing \\servername\sharename with the universal path to the folder containing the PRTRACKER.KEY file.

Case 2: PR-Tracker clients connect on client-server mode and the database is moved to a new location on the same server.

In this case, nothing changes for the clients because they still connect to the same server However, the copy of PR-Tracker on the server, and PRTRACK.DLL which runs on the server, need to know the new location of the database. Modify PRTRACKER.INI file so that the database_home setting points to the new database location. The start PR-Tracker in the server to make sure that it connects to the database. If it successfully connects, PR-Tracker will modify the registry setting HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\PR-Tracker\DatabaseLocation to the value specified by database_home. This will allow PRTRACK.DLL to locate the database.

Case 3: PR-Tracker clients connect in client-server mode and the database is moved to a new server.

First you will need to install PR-Tracker on the server and configure the server as specified in Setup Client-Server NT or Setup Client-Server 2000. When PR-Tracker is installed on the new server, a new database directory tree will be installed that contains demonstration project data. Copy your existing database over the newly installed database directory tree.

Next add the text server=servername where servername is the name (or IP address) of the new server. Place the MOVE.TXT file in the folder where PRTRACKER.KEY used to be located.

Moving databases stored in SQL Server

Data stored in SQL Server cannot be moved. Consequently, you must convert the data to Access format before moving the data to a new location. Once moved you can convert it back to SQL Server. To convert the data to a new database format do menu Setup | Configure Current Project and select the database option from the database tab.

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