HTML Report Generator

The purpose of the HTML Generator is to output problem report data in HTML format.   The HTML Generator will output HTML files for problem reports and the problem list. A query may be used to select the problem reports that are output. A view may be used to specify the sort order of the problems in the problem list HTML output. The format of the HTML files can be specified by a template so that you may control what data gets presented as how it looks.  A template is a html file with field places holders which specify what data gets inserted into the HTML file and where.

One application of the HTML Generator is to output a bug fix list to customers when new versions of software are released.  Another application is to provide technical support.

HTML Report Generator Requirements

HTML Report Generator requires one html problem report template file and an optional html problem list template file.

Creating Problem Report HTML Template

Creating Problem List HTML Template

In addition, if you want to schedule HTML Report Generator to run automatically at a particular time, you must select a Windows NT or 2000 computer (or above) to run it on and create a PRH file.

Creating PRH file

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