Email Notification

PR-Tracker can provide email notification to PR-Tracker users when it is their turn to work on a problem.  While users can easily find out what problems are waiting for their attention by performing the query from the PR-Tracker toolbar, email notification can serve to advance problem reports through their life cycle quicker by prompting PR-Tracker users when it is their turn to work on a problem report. This feature is especially useful for infrequent users of PR-Tracker.

The PR-Tracker Email Notifier is a program [prtrackeren.exe] that runs in background and which is separate from PR-Tracker [prtracker.exe]. It must be installed to run on one (and only one) of the computers on the network which has PR-Tracker installed. The email notifier will not run on a computer which only has PR-Tracker Web Client installed.

System Requirements

PR-Tracker Email Notifier can run on Windows systems which have PR-Tracker installed and which may or may not have a MAPI compliant email system depending on the email system you choose in Email Notification Setup dialog. At the time of this writing, this included Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0 and 2000 systems, but not Windows 3.1 or NT 3.5. The Email Notifier will probably run on Windows systems that come after 2000.

If you want the email notifier to run as a service, you must select a Windows NT or 2000 computer (or above) to run it on. If you are running the Email Notifier on Windows NT 4.0 it is recommended that you update NT to its latest service pack which is service pack 6a at the time of this writing.

If MAPI email system is used, the PR-Tracker Email Notifier will only work on computers that have a MAPI compliant email system. Both Microsoft Exchange and Outlook are MAPI compliant, as are several other email systems. The computer running the email notifier may be the server or any client computer using PR-Tracker.

The computer running the email notifier under MAPI email system should not have the Microsoft Email Security update installed. The security update will cause dialogs to popup whenever the email notifier attempts to access the address book or send email. If you are running the email notifier as a service, these popup dialogs will cause the email notifier to hang.

How To Setup Email Notification

In order to get PR-Tracker Email Notification working you will have to configure PR-Tracker to send notifications. If you are running the email notifier on NT or 2000 and you choose to run it as a service, you will also have to configure the PR-Tracker Email Notifier service using Windows. Instructions for performing these tasks are in the subsections that follow.

One final but optional step in setting up PR-Tracker email notification is to create an email account and an email profile for PR-Tracker to use. If you don't do these tasks the Email Notifier will work as expected, however, the email will look as if it came from a person rather than from PR-Tracker.  Contact your company email administrator to get an email account for PR-Tracker created. To create an email profile on the email computer see Creating an email profile for PR-Tracker.
Important Note: This step is required in version 5.1 or later because after retrieving problem reports via email, PR-Tracker Email Notifier will delete all read messages in the Inbox.

Troubleshooting email notification problems

If you have carefully followed the instructions for setting up PR-Tracker email notification and it isn't working, the most common cause is that the email program on the computer is not working (or that email can't be sent using the email profile PR-Tracker was configured to use). Note that PR-Tracker doesn't actually send the email; instead it interfaces with the email system installed on the computer and requests it to send email. Consequently, email must be working on the computer before the PR-Tracker email notification will work.

Once you have verified that the email system on the computer is working, if email notification still isn't working, inspect the file prtrackeren.log and check for errors. The file is created by the Email Notifier and is located on the email computer where the PR-Tracker program files are installed.  Open it with Windows Notepad or Wordpad. Prtrackeren.log records the computers configuration and any errors that occur.  In some cases solutions to problems will be presented briefly in prtrackeren.log.   Help solving email notification problems may also be found in the PR-Tracker knowledge base.

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