Custom Fields Setup

With custom fields you can collect data about problems and then sort and search the problems depending on the value of the fields. Fields may be of type number, date, checkbox, text, text choice restricted, text choice unrestricted, subchoice restricted or subchoice unrestricted. You may define up to 16 custom fields.

To setup custom fields for a project do these steps:

  1. From the Setup menu select Configure Current Project
  2. The Configure Project dialog will appear. Select the Custom Fields tab.
  3. Select the Add... button. The Add Custom Field dialog appears.
  4. Enter the desired field properties and press OK to save them.

Note: the field is shown both in the list and in the preview box below. The preview box shows how the field will look on the reserved area of the Problem Report form. You can modify the properties of the custom field by double clicking the field in the list box or by double clicking the field label in the preview box.

The following paragraphs discuss various aspects of field definition:

Field Name -- specifies the name of the field as it is stored in the Access database. You may not use names reserved by PR-Tracker for the base field set.

Field Label -- specifies how the field will be labeled on the Problem Report form. The field label may be the same as the field name but doesnít have to be.

Field Width -- specifies the width of the field according to the number of numeric characters that can fit in the field. However, since PR-Tracker uses a proportional font, width does not specify the maximum string length. The maximum string length is always 25.

Default Value -- specifies the default value that is entered into the field on the Problem Report form. The default value is not entered for the modify transaction, but is entered for all other transactions if the field is enabled for that transaction. Default value must match the type of the fields. For fields of date type, the default value may be a date or an offset from the current date. For example, a default value of +7 would always set the value of the field for the date seven days from the current date.

Parent Field -- specifies the parent field for the subchoice field.

Index For Sorting -- specifies whether an index is created in the database to sort the field by. Since adding the index enlarges the database and therefore slows down access, you should only add the index if you plan to sort by it. If you only plan to search on the field value, you donít need it.

Entry Required -- specifies if a value must be entered for the field on the Problem Report form. Required entry is enforced for all transactions that the field is enabled for except the Modify and Append transactions.

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