Copying Problems from One Project To Another

In some cases you may want to copy a set of problems from one project to another. You may want to do this when you have a release or when the database gets so big that it begins to slow down. In either case you may want to copy all non-closed problem reports to another project. You can also use this feature to merge projects or to divide a project into multiple projects.
To copy a set of problems to another project do these steps
  1. Perform a query to select the problems that you want to copy.
  2. From the File menu, select Copy Problems To Project .... The dialog Copy All Problems In List To Another Project will appear.
  3. Enter the text that you want prep-ended to the beginning of each problem copied.
  4. Select the project that you want to copy the problems to from the list of Projects.
  5. Press OK. The problems will be copied to the selected project.

Note that this copy operation copies properties from one project to the other based on position, not name. So if the properties are not configured the same in both projects, the data in the property fields will not match.

The best way to ensure a match between projects is to create one project while in the project that you want copy problems from. This way the new project will have the same configuration as the other.

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