PR-Tracker Command Line Arguments

PR-Tracker supports the following command line arguments:

/i <initialization file>

Normally PR-Tracker reads the PRTRACKER.INI file to initialize program variables. This option allows you to specify an alternate initialization file.
This may be useful if you want to use a different set of queries for each project, if you have more than one user on the same computer, or if you want to use the same PR-Tracker settings on multiple computers.
For example:


/u <user name>

Use this option to override the username specified in the initialization file. If there are blanks in the user name then the user name must be enclosed with quotes.
For example:

PRTRACKER.EXE /u "Tom Tester"

/p <project subdirectory>

Use this option to override the project setting in the initialization file. Note that is not the project name. It is the subdirectory listed to the right of the project name in the Select Project dialog.
For example:


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