Using PR-Tracker Web Client

PR-Tracker Web Client is a Windows program that provides problem report tracking functionality over the internet (or an intranet).  PR-Tracker Web Client has the same features as PR-Tracker and presents those features with an identical user interface. The only difference is that PR-Tracker starts with a Connect PR-Tracker Web Client dialog.  In order to use PR-Tracker Web Client you must first setup PR-Tracker to work over the internet.

When starting PR-Tracker Web Client the Connect PR-Tracker Web Client dialog will prompt you for the following connection parameters:

Internet address of prtracker.asp: This is the address of prtracker.asp on your web server. It is usually something like

User Name: This is your PR-Tracker user name which is preferably your first and last name. This user name is in no way related to your computer or network login name.

The Login Name and Password are optional. They are required only if your internet server is setup to require them.

Troubleshooting Connection Problems

If you are unable to connect to your internet server try entering the internet address for prtracker.asp into your browser. If the page exists, and you have access to it, it will display the text "Connected".   If the browser prompts you for a login name and password in order to connect to this page, a login name and password will have to be entered in the Connect PR-Tracker Web Client dialog.

Once you have established a connection to prtracker.asp with a browser you can test accessibility further by using the test.asp webpage. Test.asp is in the same directory as prtracker.asp so its internet address will be similar. Test.asp consists of a series of tests which can be performed one at a time by clicking on each test link. If any of these tests fail it probably means that the security settings on your internet server is not configured correctly.

If all tests in test.asp pass PR-Tracker Web Client should be able to connect successfully to your server. If not, the Internet Explorer security settings may be interfering.  See Internet Explorer Security Settings.

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