Template Setup

If you would like to collect standard data in problem reports for which PR-Tracker does not provide data entry fields, you can do this by using templates. A template causes standard text to be automatically entered into the problem description edit box of a problem report each time a transaction is performed on the problem report. Templates can be created for each transaction.

To create a template do these steps:

  1. From the Setup menu, select Configure Current Project
  2. The Configure Project dialog will appear. Select the Templates tab.
  3. The Template Setup dialog will appear. The transactions that can be performed on a problem report will be listed on the left of the Template Setup dialog box. String macros, which can be used to build template, will also be listed.
  4. Select the Transaction (example: New, Assign, Postpone, Investigate, Resolve, etc...) whose template you would like to customize.
  5. The template for the selected transaction will appear in the edit box below. Edit it to suit your needs.
  6. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each transaction.
  7. Choose Ok to save your templates.

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