Managing Users

The PR-Tracker license agreement requires that each person that uses PR-Tracker be named in the User Setup dialog. This dialog can be reached by doing menu Setup | Manage Users.   The number of users licensed to use PR-Tracker must be at least as many as are listed in the User Setup dialog. Furthermore, it is strongly recommended that a PR-Tracker username consists of a persons first name and last name. Usernames appear in drop-down lists of the problem report forms and in query fields. Associated with each username is a network login name, an email address, and a set of privileges which specify which PR-Tracker operations a person can do.  To edit or view the properties associated with a username, double-click on the username in the User Setup dialog.

User privileges

User privileges specify what PR-Tracker operations a user can do.  All privileges except setup privilege are concerned with what operations a user is allowed to do on problem reports. For example, on tightly controlled projects you may only want test/quality assurance personnel to be able to verify that problems have been fixed.

The user privileges specified in the User Setup dialog apply to all projects. However, if a project is restricted to a subset of PR-Tracker users, the user privileges in the Manage Project Users dialog override the privileges in User Setup for the given project.

Default privileges for new users

When PR-Tracker is installed, the person who installs PR-Tracker will automatically have their name added to the user list (if it isn't there already).  If their name was not already added to the user list by a PR-Tracker administrator, they are granted the default privileges. Default privileges can be specified in the Default User Privileges dialog which you bring up by clicking the Set Default User Privileges button in the User Setup dialog. The initial settings for default privileges include all privileges except Delete privilege. Setup privilege is specified to be granted in the initial settings for demonstration purposes, but we recommend it not be granted by default.

User security

The purpose of the user security feature is to restrict the use of a PR-Tracker username to a network login name. This way users with a restricted set of privileges cannot open PR-Tracker using someone else's username to perform operations in their name with their privileges.

Under ideal circumstances this feature should not be needed and it was not included in earlier versions of PR-Tracker.  Consequently, in order to be compatible with earlier versions of PR-Tracker this feature is disabled by default. User security must be enabled to take affect. To enable/disable user security, click the Set User Security button in the User Setup dialog.

Setup privilege

In most cases operations permitted by privileges at the system level and the project level are obvious. However, what operations are permitted by those granted setup privilege at the system level and project level need clarification are specified below:

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