Managing Projects

PR-Tracker allows you to organize your problem reports under multiple projects, each having their own database. When PR-Tracker is shipped, it comes with one project database that you can use to learn PR-Tracker: DEMO. Once you are familiar with PR-Tracker, you are ready to add your own project.

To add a project

  1. From the Setup menu select Manage Projects or from the File menu, select New Project or from the Toolbar, select New Project button.
  2. The Manage Projects dialog appears. Enter the name of your project in the Project Name field. Tab to the Subdirectory field and create a directory name for your new project. Limit your subdirectory name to 8 characters in length. It can contain letters, numbers, or both, and can either be upper or lower case letters.
  3. Select the Add command button. An information box will appear informing you that the project you have just created will have the same setup configurations as the current project and that you will need to reconfigure your new setup project settings before entering problems. 
  4. Select Ok. Your project is added to the project list.
  5. Select the Close command button. You will be returned to your current project.

To select your new project or another project

  1. From the File menu choose Open Project or from Toolbar, select Open Project button.
  2. Highlight your project name when Select Project To Open dialog appears.
  3. Choose Ok.
    PR-Tracker will open up into your new project's Problem Report List. You can keep the previous project's configurations or reconfigure your new project. For more information on configuring your new project see Configuring PR-Tracker.

To delete a project

  1. From the Setup menu, select Manage Projects.
  2. The Setup Projects dialog appears. Select the project that you want to delete from the Existing Projects list box.
  3. Select the Delete command button. The project will be deleted from the list.
  4. When a project is deleted the name is removed from the existing projects list; however, no files are removed. If you want to delete the project files you will have to do it manually. Locate your subdirectory file name in the directory specified by your DATABASE_HOME environment variable.

To restore a previously deleted project

If a project has been deleted you can restore the project as long as you have not manually deleted the project files. To restore a deleted project, do these steps:

  1. From the Setup menu, select Manage Projects.
  2. The Manage Projects dialog appears. If there exists a project that has been deleted, the Restore button will be enabled. Click it.
  3. A list of deleted projects will appear. Select the project that you want to restore from the list 
  4. Click OK.

To rename your project

  1. From the Setup menu, select Manage Projects.
  2. The Manage Projects dialog appears. You can rename your project at any time simply by clicking the project from the Existing Projects List and selecting the Rename button. A Rename dialog box will appear, delete the current name and reenter the new one.
  3. Choose Ok.

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