Installing PR-Tracker on an Internet Server

To install PR-Tracker on the internet server run the setup.exe program. You should NOT install PR-Tracker Web Client on the web server. PR-Tracker Web Client should be installed on the client computers and PR-Tracker should be installed on the server.

When you run the setup.exe program the PR-Tracker Setup Options dialog will give you the options Setup Server or Setup Client.  The option you should choose depends on where you want PR-Tracker database to be stored. The database may be stored on the web server or on any other computer on the same local area network as the server. If you want the database to be hosted on the web server choose the option Setup Server.  If the database is hosted on a computer other than the web server, choose the option Setup Client.

If you choose the option Setup Client, you must start PR-Tracker on the web server and make sure it can access the database on the computer acting as the PR-Tracker server. Making the initial connection sets registry values under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\PR-Tracker that are required for PR-Tracker to work properly on the internet server.


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