Connect Error 429

There are several possible causes for error 429 but they are generally related to a failure to properly install PR-Tracker and configure it on the computer acting as the PR-Tracker server. If you have gotten error 429 and you have never successfully connected in client-server mode, check the following items on the server (not on the computer you are trying to connect with).

  1. Verify that PR-Tracker is installed on the computer. To do this, click the Windows Start button and select Programs. If PR-Tracker is installed, you will see it on the Programs submenu.
  2. Start PR-Tracker on the server to make sure it works.
  3. Make sure PRTRACK.DLL is correctly packaged in Microsoft Transaction Server (NT) or Component Services (2000). Do this by tracing through step 2 of sections Configuring Windows NT for Client-Server Mode  or Configuring Windows 2000 for Client-Server Mode.
  4. Verify that the user prtracker has privilege to execute PRTRACK.DLL. To do this locate PRTRACK.DLL in the Windows system32 folder, right-click on it and select Properties from the popup menu. From the Properties menu select the Security tab and then click the Permissions button.

If you have gotten error 429 and you have successfully connected in client-server mode in the past, it may be that security was tightened on the server in such a way that security on PRTRACK.DLL or one of the components it depends on was tightened so that user prtracker can no longer execute it.

If you have checked all of the items above and you care still getting the above error, consult the PR-Tracker Knowledgebase for other solutions or contact PR-Tracker technical support for help.

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