Connect Error -2147467238: Automation Error

This error means that the user identity that PRTRACK.DLL runs under doesn't exist or that its password is specified incorrectly in Microsoft Transaction Server (NT)

or Component Services (2000) . If setup instructions were followed to the letter, this Windows username is prtracker.  Listed below are some possible causes for the error:
  1. The password for user prtracker may have been changed
  2. The user prtracker may have been deleted.
  3. The user prtracker was deleted and then added back in without reconfiguring the identity. This means that the user prtracker in the identity is not actually the same user prtracker in the system.
  4. The identity is set to be the Interactive user instead of prtracker.

If none of the above seem to be the problem, consult the PR-Tracker Knowledgebase for other possibilities or contact PR-Tracker technical support.

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